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FOF #1646 – Whatever Happened to Those Celebrity Animals

Before cats ruled the internet, Hollywood had always been in love with all the animals.

Like their human counterparts, some of the animals in Hollywood have led pretty awesome lives, but other animal’s stories are filled with exploitation, imposters and depressing deaths.

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FOF #1631 – Heavenly Bodies

Bobak Ferdowsi, the NASA mission controller has everyone’s hearts a flutter might just make a great boyfriend for todays’ guest the equally handsome and charming comedian Matteo Lane.

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FOF #1514 – The War Between Madonna’s and Lady Gaga’s Fans

The hilarious Nadya Ginsburg, best known for being a woman of a thousand voices on YouTube joins us to figure out what’s happening in the war between the divas.

Why is Lady Gaga letting her Little Monsters act like real monsters?

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FOF #1337 – The Battle for Gay Rights in Russia

For the last 6 years, people have faced police beatings & arrests to hold gay pride parades in Russia. In Russia, gay pride parade marches on YOU. What a country!

Today activist Nikolai Alexeyev talks about his recent landmark win that re-affirmed their right to march, plus drops a bombshell on how your favorite stars might be secretly performing for rich anti-gay global tyrants.

Elton John Weighs-In on Size of Mick Jagger’s Manhood

Keith Richards wrote in his book that Maryanne Faithfull complained that Richard’s Rolling Stones bandmate and her one-time lover lover, Mick Jagger was a horrible lay and that he had a small penis. The comment […]

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FOF #1322 – Out in Hollywood

Today we’re talking to James Duke Mason- son of 80s pop star Belinda Carlisle of The Go-Go’s, and grandson of Hollywood actor James Mason.

Join us as The Duke shares with us important advice he got from Dustin Lance Black and stories of hanging with Elton John and David Furnish and their new baby.

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FOF #1225 – Bye Bye Miss American Pie

Bon Voyage Bertha! Our friend Michael Bowen best known as Drag Queen and Pie expert Bertha Mason, is moving to the Big Apple to bake tasty pies with hot toppings!

Joins us as Bertha tells us how to make the perfect pie and what he’s going to do about her long term sexual relationship pretending to be a coach and why so many women loving women love vegan desserts.

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VIDEO: Don’t F*ck With Gaga

In this Key of Awesome video Lady Gaga takes on Katy Perry for tweeting about her latest video and makes Elton John answer for his Rush Limbaugh performance. Lady Gaga is not one to be […]

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VIDEO PODCAST: Coming to Pridefest Milwaukee

Hey! Did you know we’re video blogging again? Hopefully it will become a regular thing.

We’re excited because this weekend is Pridefest Milwaukee, probably the best Pride celebration in the country (June 11-13) with Kathy Griffin, Bruce Vilanch, Patti Labelle and Joan Rivers. Can we talk? Can we talk indeed?

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Elton John’s Letter to Ryan White, 20 Years After His Death From AIDS

I still remember hearing about this kid and the battles he faced at such a young age.

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