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FOF #2606 - A Soul Full of Funhouse Mirrors - 04.12.18

FOF #2606 – A Soul Full of Funhouse Mirrors

If eyes are the windows to the soul, then the soul of Esteban Andres Cruz is a funhouse full of mirrors.

Today Esteban Andres Cruz joins us to talk about his new project where he’s off to explore his queer latinx heritage by rebuilding the homes in Puerto Rico that were damaged by Hurricane Maria.

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FOF #1053 - Acting Lessons - 09.11.09

FOF #1053 – Acting Lessons

Chicago comedian, musician and actor Esteban Andres Cruz talks about winning the prestigious Jeff Award and gives Marc and Fausot some acting lessons. Janet Jackson reveals in an interview that her brother Michael wore his mothers jacket when he first danced the moonwalk.

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Esteban Andres Cruz Does a Flip

Esteban Andres Cruz Does a Flip

Comedian and singer Esteban Andres Cruz does a flip for us. Isn’t he cute? Camera: Jason Smith.

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