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FOF #2541 – Why is a Drag Queen Called a Drag Queen?

One of the biggest mysteries surrounding the concept of drag is why they hell do we call them drag queens in the first place? RuPaul said drag was an acronym from Elizabethan theater for DRessed as A Girl, but how would she know? She’s old, but not that old.

Today we introduce you to what may be the real meaning of the term drag queen, and believe it or not, it has nothing to do with Shakespeare.

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FOF #1715 – How to Talk Like a Drag Queen

Hey hunties! With the success of RuPaul’s Drag Race, the fabulous language that drag queens, black and gay folks have been using for years is now suddenly coming into the mainstream.

Today Mimi Imfurst join us to examine the words that drag queens love to use and where they came from: 19th century Italian sex workers, the secret language of Polari, drag balls and French hip-hop.

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Which word came first? Boogers or burgers?

We’re starting a new section on Feast of Fun- Questions where you can submit and answer anything that pops into your head. To post a question, please use the fresh page: This question comes […]

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