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VIDEO: ConDRAGulations to Conchita Wurst, Austria’s Bearded Drag Queen Wins the Eurovision Song Contest

Austria’s Conchita Wurst has won the Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen with her eardrum splitting anthem “Rise Like a Phoenix”. Condragulations! Here’s the song that made her the first drag queen to win the coveted […]

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VIDEO: Roman Lob – Standing Still – Eurovision Song Contest 2012

Roman Lob performing his song “Standing Still” This year the Eurovion Song Contest will take place in Azerbaidschan in May as a group from Azerbaidschan won last year when the contest took place in Germany. […]

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VIDEO: Do You Have a Reservation?

If you have never heard of Dana International, you will now for the rest of your life. Dana won the Eurovision Song Contest for Israel in 1998. She is super fierce Hebrew transgendered individual who […]

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Germany Wins Eurovision 2010 in Oslo!

I still cannot believe it. Germany won the  Eurovision song contest again after 28 years.  I am so happy! 😀  Lena Meyer-Landrut (18 years old) with her song “Satellite” written by Stefan Raab made it […]

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VIDEOS: Eurovision 2010 Oslo

As every year spring is also the time of the Eurovision song contest. It is one of the most-watched non-sporting events in the world. It is quite popular in Europe, especially among  gays. 39 countries […]

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