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Target Still Evil: Stays Neutral on Anti-Marriage Equality Ammendment While Sponsoring Twin Cities Pride

Target is still evil.  The Republican controlled legislature in Minnesota recently pushed through a ballot initiative for 2012 that would add an anti-marriage equality ammendment to the State Constitution.  Target, a Minneapolis based company, has […]

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VIDEO: The Evilest Prank Ever

Japanese people will kill someone for a prank.  Wait for it….it keeps getting better….

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FOF #1143 – Women Behaving Badly in Film

Whether it’s suspense, cult, horror, true stories or pure camp everyone loves to watch women behaving badly in films. Women with murder, revenge, or ambition on their mind are an essential element to some of our favorite movies.

Listen as we chat with Peaches Christ about some of our favorite films were dames go bad and which of these films, if any, inspired the villainess of her new movie “All About Evil.”

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