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VIDEO: Scott Herman’s Blast Your Legs: Hams, Glutes and Calves!

Looking for a fun new way to tear up those legs?!?  Well, I got the PERFECT routine for you right here!!

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VIDEO: Cooter Sweat – Impact Johnson

Exercise video- so rude, so good.

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VIDEO: Scott Herman’s Killer Tricep Workout

Everyone knows the biggest part of the arm is the TRICEP! So let’s spend some time this week on some exercises that target the tricep so it can grow and send a message all the […]

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VIDEO: Tuesday Tune-Up!! ”Big Broad Back! Build That V-Cut!”

This is a great routine to switch up your back workout.  It is essential to be able to do Pull-Ups when trying to build a sexy V-Cut back.  Remember, most gyms have a “Pull-Up assist” […]

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FOF #1246 – Scott Herman Explores Ten Reasons Why You’re Not in the Shape You Want to Be

Fitness expert and reality TV hunk Scott Herman joins us take a look at ways you may be sabotaging yourself, why too much fruit is not good for you, how getting mad makes you fat, booze, muscle memory and the myth of discipline.

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Gymorexia: Fact of Fiction?

Detail magazine describes Gymorexia as-
Exercise dependency is a relatively new disorder, brought on by two things: the spread of fitness-club culture and the increasing pressure for young men to be both lean and muscular—think Chace Crawford vs. The Situation

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Advive: Nude Father Has Daughter for Exercise Coach

Q. My husband, “Joe,’’ turned 40 last summer. His cholesterol, blood pressure, and weight are higher than they should be, and his doctor suggested he lose 20 pounds. I try to feed him well, but […]

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FOF #1137 – Scott Herman Wants You to Work Out

Here’s a challenge: be a 10 in 2010! Today the handsome Scott Herman from MTV’s Real World Brooklyn shares his secrets on getting into shape.

Scott’s leveraged his appearance on Real World into a popular website and video blog where he shows how to work out and eat right, and he does it without his shirt off! Plus: behind the scenes in Real World, the power of water and why Captain America is for marriage equality.

iPhone Apps for Exercise

People have been asking us about links to our iPhone exercise apps that update to our Facebook accounts, so here they are: One Hundred Pushups A training program that says you’ll be able to do […]

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