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FOF #1902 – Matt Alber’s Velvet Goldmine

Matt Alber’s music career exploded in 2009 after the video for his song “End of the World.” Since then, he’s gone the independent route, touring the country as a solo artist.

Today Grammy Award winner Matt Alber joins us for a live music podcast, playing music from his latest album Constant Crows. Listen as Matt talks about growing up in St. Louis, Missouri, his unique singing style and falling in love.

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FOF #1848 – An Accidental Bridesmaid

With the avalanche of marriage equality moving forward, many people are suddenly finding themselves invited to weddings of friends they thought would never tie the knot.

Today the hilarious Megan Gailey joins us to talk about how to have a wonderful time at your friends’ weddings, tips on being the perfect guest and how to take home the hottest man at the reception.

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FOF #1289 – For Gay Boys

Can Tyler Perry bring to life one of the most important works about the black female experience? After all, he’s best known for playing Madea, which some people classify as a characature of black woman. So, does he have the depth? Believe or not, our answer is “oh yes, baby!”

Join us as we talk about our experience seeing “For Colored Girls,” plus, all the hot news.

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