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RIP: Fab

The gay social network that started out as Fabulis and then became Fab just called it quits and is now starting a Groupon style site offering discounts on design products.

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Fabulous or Fabu-less? Fabulis’ New iPhone App

Websites are quickly looking to the smartphone market as a way to enhance and add to the overall user experience with their content. While some websites are able to find that perfect, easy to use […]

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It Is

This is Ryan with 300 words (or less) to make your Monday a little less taxing. Recognized on is growing fast in the social media world. Despite being turned off by the title […]

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FOF #1177 – Bright Lights, Big City

Small towns are starting to embrace the gays, but for some people, the big city is the answer to all their problems. Today blogger Ryan Justice rolls out the Big Gay Welcome Wagon, his blog dedicated to the needs of small town gays who move to big cities in search of happiness.

Plus: Grace Jones says she’s “pissed” at Lady Gaga, a couple is arrested for providing breast implants without medical training, Scott Herman’s bold red suit, and a rooster crows “cock a doodle don’t” and becomes a hen.

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FOF #1169 – A Wicked Little Town

Constance McMillen lives in a wicked little town- in a plot stolen right out of a John Hughes film, Candace was duped out of going to the prom and Molly Ringwald wasn’t there to save the day.

On today’s show blogger and activist Phil Reese joins us to take a look at the bigot’s prom and all the hot news stories: Schools duped by anti-gay propaganda, amazing young man who sings like Whitney, and a social network to rag on your coworkers and another to celebrate the most fabulis gay men.

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