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‘Mafia Wars’ to become Feature Film

The super popular Facebook Game by Zynga ‘Mafia Wars’ is rumored to be coming to the silver screen. WTF? Allegedly, Farmville isn’t too far behind! I’ve blocked all Farmville, Mafia Wars from my Facebook feed […]

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The Internet is Your Vice

The internet can be addicting…come on, you know it is! So creative genius Patrick Moberg has taken those sites on the web that we love so much and made a fair comparison to their drug […]

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Attendee of Gay Kiss-In in Alsip Harassed and Threatened

A gay “kiss-in” took place at a Mexican restaurant in a south suburb of Chicago over the weekend to protest the alleged homophobic behavior of the restaurant manager. Sadly, the sign up sheet for the […]

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Google and YouTube: A Bond That Can’t be Broken…Literally.

Do I really need to Facebook “unlike” you, Google?  You are one of the most powerful companies in the world and for the most part you seem to always be using that for good (when […]

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Sex, Fetishes, and Social Networking. OH MY!

International Mr Leather or IML is fast approaching!  In less than two weeks, thousands of leather and kink enthusiasts will descend upon Chicago for a fun weekend-long event with plenty of networking opportunities.  Are you […]

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Get Your Favorite Diva to Host SNL

Because it was such a huge success and gave us such great television, this week dozens of Facebook groups have popped up asking the producers of Saturday Night Live to pick their favorite diva to […]

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FOF #1061 – The Secret Life of a Sex Columnist

Sex advice columnist Anna Pulley takes a look back at her careerr so far as a sex writer. Two MIT students develop a math forumula that predicts if a man is gay on Facebook. Activist Lawrence Perea announces Chicago’s Day of Change rally to support the National Equality March in D.C.

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FOF #1027 – Microblogging for Marriage Equality

Illinois State Rep. Greg Harris takes us on a behind the scenes look as the highest ranking openly gay official in Illinois, fighting for marriage equality and the state of healthcare reform. Why don’t more politicians use Twitter? Political noise, crazy governors and resolutions in honor of Michael Jackson.

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My Family Checking their Facebook using iPhones on Vacation

Who’s the more antisocial person here? My mom watches as everyone checks their Facebook (or email) with iPhones.

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FOF #950 – Facebook Me, Facebook You!

Facebook! It changed. So what are you gonna do about it baby? Last week the Sears Tower became the Willis Tower, Feast of Fools changed it’s name to Feast of Fun and everybody’s favorite social […]

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