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FOF #2067 – Tracy Tyler is Back!

One of the most beloved and quoted guests on this podcast is musician Tracy Tyler, a trans gal who rocked out with her band Big Girls Eat Cake.

Tracy’s had her share of challenges as a transgender woman, but she’s always embraced her sexuality and gender identity in very exciting ways and in doing so, helped others to do the same.

Listen as Tracy Tyler brings some of her big mama love and talks about embracing all the lovely flavors of gender expression, her facial feminization surgery and identifying as a gay man in the 90s.

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VIDEO: Madison Hinton Blings Up V. Stiviano’s Rainbow Face Mask

So happy about this! We’re gagging over Madison Hinton’s blinged up rainbow visor, inspired by racist soon-to-be-ex Clippers Owner Donald Sterling’s mistress V. Stiviano’s face mask she wore for the paparazzi. Yes mama werk! Darth […]

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PHOTOS: Jennifer Lawrence’s Golden Globes Dress- Who Wore it Better?

The best thing about corporate Hollywood award shows is the way celebrities spend way too much money on horrible fashion. Because the internet is obsessed with Jennifer Lawrence, and J-Law wore this horrible bed sheet […]

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VIDEO: Fabulous Fashionistas

When I get old, I want to be just like these broads, only butch.

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VIDEO: Hottie David Wolfman Williams Stars in Terrible Fashion Commercial

Super hot Australian rugby player David Wolfman Williams stars in this terrible fashion commercial.

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PHOTO: Marc Felion Serves Up Mahogany Realness, Emphasis on the HOG

One of RuPaul’s most favorite fashion moments happens in the film Mahogany where Diana Ross designs this fierce rainbow chiffon poncho. Marc and I tried to recreate it, with tragic but hilarious results. We just […]

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FOF #1737 – When High Heel Shoes Were Butch

One of the most iconic type of shoes are high heels, virtually synonymous with femininity, fashion and fierce drag queens. And like most girly things in fashion, at one point in time they was made for men.

Today we’re strutting down the runway of history, as we look at the butch origins of the high heel shoe.

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Water Wigs Captured with High Speed Cameras

Looking fierce girls! In a recent series of photos called Water Wigs, L.A. photographer Tim Tadder captures photos of bald men with water balloons exploding on their heads. Love the ephemeral nature of this drag […]

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Sweaty Nap Time! The Chicago Andrew Christian Boys

One of the many shots i took during our Andrew Christian Underwear shoot yesterday, the 17th of June at the Montrose Beach along Lake Michigan. Thought of sharing this photo, it has been a very […]

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PHOTO: Strange and Sexy Hazing Ritual

I’m not sure what’s going on here, but I’m kind of turned on by these four frat guys who shaved their heads to make some sort of face. You be the nose, I’ll be the […]

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