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Skinny Jeans For Kids, Or Fat Pants For Beginner Bulimics?

Let’s face it, fashion has come along way. Some of it has been great. Some of it has been, well, not so great. Then there are the fashion “innovations” that make you a little nauseous. […]

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Wonder Woman Unveils New Look

Wonder woman unveils her new look in the issue 600 of her comic book series and I love it! It’s so much more drag friendly.

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Marc Jacobs Follows Tom Ford’s Naked Ad Lead (NSFW)

Marc Jacobs is one hot designer, in more ways than one! Recently, Jacobs nearly bared all to sell his scent. You might remember back in 2007 when Tom Ford made his “ass”-ets the centerpiece of […]

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FOF #1195 – Crank the Gay Up to 11

We’re not always aware of it, but every day we all negotiate how we want to appear to others- at work, on the street and even at home. For many gay men, how we think about our sexuality is always up for grabs, which leads us to ask ourselves, “how gay do I want to be today?”

Today film maker Randall Jenson and his friends Timur ✩ Tugberk and Aaron Gray talk about his new documentary web series, 50 F*ggots which follows 12 gay men as they navigate the waters of life and reflect on what it means to be gay.

Border Closing Meets Vogue + Facial Hair + Fashion

Here’s a video of the nightly ceremony associated with the border closing between India and Pakistan. We know there is no love lost between the two countries – the surprise is that they even open the border in the […]

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Gio the Male Escort’s Haircut Looks Like a Drag Queen

I thought this photo of “Gio” looked familiar. When I saw all the blog posts about Geo, the male prostitute hired by NARTH Member & Family Research Council co-Founder Dr. George Rekers, it sparked a […]

Queerty Thinks Nobody Looks Good Standing Next to Me

The always snarky blog Queerty wrote about Human Rights Campaign’s controversial director Joe Solmonese, about how although he doesn’t really know how to run a gay rights organziation, he does always manage to look fabulous. […]

Tween Blogger Captivates Fashion World

Hit up Gaper’s Block for all the links to the stories surrounding thirteen-year-old blogger Tavi Gevinson from Oak Park, Illinois who just may be the next Ana Wintour. She has the fashion world a buzz!

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Gaga’s Latest Fashion Win

From the Brit Awards in London.  This is a winning look for Lady Gaga.  I love the towering Roccoco hair and that guitar/keyboard hibrid is amazing.  Fashion experts reviewing all the red carpet looks named […]

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FOFA #983 – Jack of All Trades

Interview with Project Runway designer Jack Mackenroth.