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FOF #1620 – Kiss and Tell

We’ve all been on horrible dates- hopeless purgatories where you wonder why you’re spending the evening with this person when you could be home organizing your sock drawer instead.

Today Writer Eddie Campbell talks about how he took his little black book and turned it into a tell-all memoir on his romantic life in 44 Horrible Dates- true war stories of horrible dates he’s been on.

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FOF #1611 – In Bed with the Enemy

Writer and philosopher John Corvino joins us to talk about how Marriage Equality has changed over the years, what’s holding back half the country from embracing equality and what it’s like to write a book with anti-equality advocate Maggie Gallagher!

FOFA #1089 – Grammar Girl Dishes it Up

Grammar Girl Mignon Fogarty joins us to talk about the common problems everyone has with grammar and gives us a behind the scenes look at her incredible journey.

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FOFA #1459 – Capturing Gay America

About two and a half years ago, celebrity photographer Scott Pasfield lost work due to the poor economy so he went on an adventure to travel all 50 states including Hawaii and Alaska to capture the stories and photos of everyday gay men in a book, “Gay in America.”

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FOFA #1374 – Miss Lola Rose is Right About Everything

Today we’re talking to video blogging sensation Miss Lola Rose. When her two kids came out as gay, she panicked and asked them to remain in the closet.

Since then, Lola fully supports her kids and is a proud advocate for Equality. So much in fact, her most popular video “Mom on Her Two Gay Kids” was yanked off of YouTube when haters flagged it enough times to set off their automated system.

FOF #1536 – I’m 82, I’m Sexy and I Know It

Just because you are in your Autumn years doesn’t mean you can’t pluck a Spring chicken. How do you keep an eye out for the clues that others are interested in you?

Today the fascinating David Leddick shares with us stories about his life as a gay man working in advertising, cultivating yourself about how to be fabulous at any age.

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FOF #1351 – Archie’s Gay Pal Kevin Keller Gets His Own Comic

Today, we talk once again with Archie Comics’ writer and artist, Dan Parent, about Kevin Keller, their ground breaking gay character and the surprisingly muted response from conservatives.

Also joining us again are Chicago comedians Seth Dodson and Kellen Alexander to chat about virtual girlfriends, Ghandi’s gay love and Internet initialisms.

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FOFA #1247 – Nellie Oleson Saved My Life

Alison Arngrim is loved and feared by people all over the world for playing the mean little rich girl Nellie Oleson on Little House on the Prairie. Alison credits the role with saving her sanity.

Today Alison joins us to talk about her funny and heart breaking memoir, “Confessions of a Prairie Bitch” which recounts her time on Little House, growing up in a crazy Hollywood, and her work on behalf of HIV/AIDS charities and victims of sexual abuse.

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FOF #1101 – An Intimate Look at Michael Kearns

On World Aids Day we talk with groundbreaking actor and activist Michael Kearns.

Before coming out of the closet was seen as a career move in the entertainment industry, Michael Kearns was the first Hollywood actor on record to come out as a gay man in the mid-seventies. Today Michael is re-staging his one man show “Intimacies” featuring six characters on the AIDS crisis of the early 80s.

FOF #1094 – The Mean, Little, Deaf and Queer Terry Galloway

Deaf since the age of 10, Terry Galloway grew up to be one of the funniest performers of her generation. Her new memoir, “Mean Little deaf Queer” recounts some of her life’s most horrific and funny moments.

Listen as we talk with Terry about laughing at your disabilities, why embracing failure in your work leads to success and why Hellen Keller is considered an S&M lesbian icon.

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