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FOF #2198 – Hell No to American Idol

Last year, musician Ryan Cassata auditioned for the reality TV show American Idol but he didn’t make the cut after being told he wasn’t “contemporary enough,” but now that being transgender is the new media darling, producers are banging down his down.

Today, Ryan Cassata joins us from his recording studio to talk about why he turned down such a big opportunity on American Idol.

FOF #2193 – Hot for Alaska’s Anus

We’re all hot for Alaska’s Anus, her brand spankin’ new debut album, chock full of marvelous musical goodies. Not only is her music dominating the charts on iTunes, but it’s SHE-larious to talk about all the titles of her songs like Pussy, Nails, Beard and Anus.

Today the fabulous Alaska Thunderfuck joins us to talk about Anus, her new album, her drag dreams and nightmares, and the possibility of being on Drag Race All Stars 2!

FOF #2183 – Cazwell Has it Going On

Surprisingly for a rapper, Cazwell doesn’t brag whole lot but his sexy, playful videos have gotten him “mad props yo” as a serious name in music.

Today we’re hanging out with Cazwell in the home studio, talking about his latest and most intense video, Downtown, that was shot in his apartment that he converted with some fabric and lighting into a decadent pleasure palace.

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FOF #2030 – Tom Goss on Staying Motivated as An Artist

The most important thing in life is the relationships we create with others. One of the best ways to bring people into your life is to make awesome stuff and share it. But it’s not always easy being a creative spirit in a challenging world.

Today Tom Goss joins us for a live music session and to talk about how to stay artistically motivated.

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FOF #1996 – Adore Delano is Ready to Party

After winning our hearts on RuPaul’s Drag Race, Adore Delano is rocking the top of iTunes’ dance chart with her new album “Til Death Do Us Party” which comes out today.

Listen as America’s favorite chola talks about things that we didn’t get to see on RuPaul’s Drag Race, like her fight with Milk and the makeover squirrel challenge.

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FOF #1961 – Blast-Off to Planet Tammie Brown

Tammie Brown is out of this world. A fan favorite from the first Season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Tammie struck a chord with people because of her quirky sensibilities and seemingly random catchphrases.

Today Tammie joins us to talk about her brand new album Hot Skunkx, her bushy painted on eyebrows, her grief with Santino Rice and why she wants to liberate orcas.

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FOF #1915 – Incredibly Strange Christmas – Hollywood’s Golden Age Divas, Vol. 6

During the Golden Age of Hollywood, radio was king and movie stars were required to go on the radio and released music with hilarious results. Join us as we take a look at some of the divas of Hollywood’s Golden Age who took a little too much pleasure in torturing their kids at Christmas.

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FOF #1906 – Walking in a Showgirls Wonderland

Although the movie Showgirls bombed at the box office, the director Paul Verhoven’s over the top portrayal of Las Vegas strippers and showgirls quickly became a cult classic.

Listen as Peaches Christ and Rena Riffel join us to talk about the surreal meta experience of performing a Showgirls parody inside a strip club for their B Movie Tribute night.

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FOF #1870 – And the Beat Goes On

It’s been an exciting journey for Eric Himan, who got a lot of attention in 2003 for his good looks and debut album All for Show. Suprisingly he’s taking his career in a new direction by starting an online cooking show.

Today Eric Himan cooks up for us a delicious live music session of songs from his new album Gracefully– and talks about the ever changing music scene for do-it-yourself artists.

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FOF #1852 – Screamin’ Rachel Returns

For years, the outrageous Screamin’ Rachel Cain has been starring in what she calls her own “B-Movie.” Rachel started out as one of New York City’s better known nightlife personalities to becoming a House music mogul with her label Trax Records.

Currently Rachel is developing a film about her wild life. Today Screamin’ Rachel Cain, along with her entourage of gay men and Brian Sweeney join us to talk about her life as the Joan of Arc of House music.

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