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FOF #2773 – Candi Stratton is Flying High

Whenever we think of great Cher impersonators, we think of Candi Stratton, the trans pioneer who became one of American Airlines first openly trans flight attendants back in 1989.

Today, the incredibly delightful Candi Stratton joins us to chat about her amazing career flying the friendly skies and her journey from a baby showgirl at LaCage to her role as Miss Trans USA.

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FOF #1410 – Behind Every Diva There’s a Fabulous Queen

One of the more remarkable moments in Mo’Nique’s comedy act these days is the part where she not even onstage. Female Impersonator Ivy White is opening for Mo’Nique by lip syncing ten minutes of the Diva’s tried and true material with flawless precision leaving audiences to wonder – is that the real Mo’Nique?

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