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Forced Feminization – Feast of Fun

Daphne Dumount (Marc Felion) has gone too far, so her gal pals Saltina Bouvier (Fausto Fernós) and Victoria Lamarr (Matthew Bogseth) give her a good dose of harsh beauty treatments. Edited by Nathan Adloff, camera […]

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Mr. Steamworks Towel Contest 2009

A swell time was had by everyone as we hosted the Mr. Steamworks Towel 2009 contest at IML, trying to find the most outrageous and outrageously sexy stud. Who won? Check out part 2 and […]

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Mr. Towel Contest at International Mr. Leather, Chicago 2009

Check out our hilarious video clips and stills taken from the Mr. Towel 2009 Contest we did at IML this weekend with Steamworks. Like the Special Olympics, it really didn’t matter who won, but how […]

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FOF #992 – A Dream Deferred Isn’t Always a Dream Denied

Yesterday, the California Supreme Court announced it’s disappointing decision to uphold Proposition 8 which removed the right for same-sex couples to get married. Although we taped this show in advance of knowing the decision outcome, […]

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FOF #964 – A Brief History of Leather

Every year over Memorial Day weekend Chicago is host to the hugely popular International Mr. Leather Conference, a gathering for leather man and other assorted kinky types. We’ve seen everyone from Marlon Brando to Madonna […]

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FOF #946 – Gigi’s New Bouncy Clothes

Boing boing! Gigi Deluxe, Chicago’s glamor-puss is here to talk about her new collaboration with House of Bias, a fashion forward clothing line specializing in clothes made out of rubber latex. Think it’s too kinky […]

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FOFA #772 – Mask On!

I simply can’t stop looking at, one of my all-time favorite websites. Mask-on is a support site dedicated to trannies who like to “mask.” “Maskers” enjoy cross-dressing as women by using masks instead of […]

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Why Mask?

We like to joke that the masking fetish is really for lazy trannies who don’t want to go through the trouble of putting on make up. It’s fun to say but it may not be […]

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FOF #771 – Leather and Lace

IML, the International Mr. Leather conference came and went last week here in Chicago and we’re still recovering from the dizzying hurricane of leathermen, human dogs, bondage queens, otters, bears and furries! There was two […]

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FOFA #539 – Human Dogs

You’ve heard some people say “all men are dogs.” Well these guys take it to the limit! On today’s show we’re talking to our die-hard power listener Pup Don, who happens to be into Pup-Play– […]

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