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Oscar Nominated Short 2012: The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore

The Oscars are coming up Feb. 26th, and I got the chance to catch the Nominated Animated Shorts. My two favorites: The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore (above) and A Morning Stroll If […]

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Out Takes 2011: A Reel Queer Film Festival

This is FOF’s Middle Earth correspondent with the latest from New Zealand’s capital city: As the rest of the civilized world strips down to its skivvies and prepares to enjoy Pride in the hot summer […]

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VIDEO: Fright Night

The best friend, Evil Eddy, went on to make gay porn and is now back making horror films.

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VIDEO: Five Horror Films With Pregnant Women

I went to a baby shower of a good friend the other day and it put me in baby frame of mind. But my mind is twisted- so here are five horror movies featuring pregnant women that I found on Youtube.

You may not be surprised that a couple of them were made right after the landmark Roe v Wade case.

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MOVIE: The Horrors of Spider Island

I love how slutty these dance girls are in this B movie “The Horrors of Spider Island.” The dance troupe auditions are so campy that I’d love to see drag queen recreate it. Bonus, there’s […]

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More Fresh Brewed Flavah With Lauren Bacall

The guys referenced the legendary Lauren Bacall and her High Point commercials in today’s show, so I thought it was time to share a couple more nuggets of Fresh Brewed Flavah featuring the legendary actress. […]

Wicked the Musical is Headed to the Big Screen

The smash Broadway hit musical Wicked, a Wizard of Oz prequel of sorts, based on the fantastic novel by Gregory McGuire is headed to the big screen!   The creative team behind the stage version are […]

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Relax Fellow Geeks and Nerds. Roger Ebert Has Apologized.

I must admit, I am a bit of a “gaymer.” I own a Playstation 3, know who Adam Sessler is, and can explain why the Wii’s technology is actually only popular, not technologically advanced. Like […]

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VIDEO: How to See Pink Flamingos

This is Ryan with 300 words (or less) to make your Monday a little less taxing. I recently attended a midnight screening of Pink Flamingos (1972), the cult ultra-dark comedy about a murderous female impersonator […]

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Five Unintentionally Ridiculous Movie Sex Scenes

Here are five movie sex scenes that I believe are unintentionally ridiculous. I know there are a lot more out there and I’d love to hear what your favorites are.

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