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FOF #1680 – I’m Gonna Teach You How To Eat Things

The very funny Brian Sweeney joins us to look at how our dinner plate has become a battleground. Is the debate over vegans vs meat eaters distracting us from the serious issue of genetically modified foods and unsafe or unsustainable farming practices?

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FOF #1640 – Let’s Get Flexible

One of the most misunderstood ideas in fitness is stretching. When is a good time to stretch? Should you stretch before, during or after exercise?

Joining us is fitness expert Craig Ramsey, who for over a decade has been helping people transform their lives with his holistic fitness approach, earning him the title of World’s Nicest Trainer.

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FOF #1634 – If You Were Any Prettier, You’d Be Dead

Did you know that people who have more symmetrical faces get looked over for jobs, taller folks die sooner, people and attractive folks, in general, are less fertile?

Today we take a look at some physical obstacles that you may think are holding you back, could actually be saving your life.

FOF #1604 – Susan Powter Fights to Stop the Insanity

After all these years, Susan Powter is still working to help people eat well and get into shape. She’s taking on the corporations that shove junk foods down our throats and coming out against the fat acceptance movement.

Remember Susan’s catch phrase “Stop the Insanity”? Well the insanity never stopped.

FOF #1581 – Little Guy, Big Gym

Gyms can be a little intimidating to someone who’s never stepped inside one before. With all sorts of bodies and weights going a million different directions all at once, you may feel a bit like frogger trying to cross the road without getting run over or eaten by crocodiles.

The very funny Jeffrey Jay to talk about the awkwardness people face when joining a gym, ways to overcome obstacles, and how to get off the couch to be in the best shape of your life.

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FOF #1567 – Common Mistakes You May Be Making at the Gym

It’s not like our bodies come with instruction manuals on how to work out to look our best and feel fabulous. And if they did, you’d probably woudn’t read it anyway.

Today we take a look at some common mistakes we’ve made at the gym and how we fixed them so you can learn from our experience.

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FOF #1557 – When Drag Becomes a Drag

Drag queen Indiah Farrah has had enough! She’s calling it quits at being a drag queen, forever.

Joining us Mimi Imfurst to talk about the challenges all queens face in their career and overcoming any obstacle in life. In many ways building muscle is a lot like being a drag queen.

FOF #1503 – Odd Fitness Trends

Fitness is a journey not a destination. Unfortunately for some people, the journey is a game of Candy Land where Queen Frostine rules with a sweet iron fist.

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VIDEO: Most Cardio Does Not Burn Muscle

Myth busted! Under most circumstances for most people, cardio does not burn muscle, unless you do it for a long time (like over an hour) and your body fat levels are really low (below 7%). […]

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