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FOF #1892 – Marriage Equality Comes to Illinois

Good news everyone! It’s official. Illinois lawmakers passed Marriage Equality, beating out Hawaii and New Mexico as the fifteenth state to allow same sex marriage. What took you so long?

Joining us to celebrate is blogger Robyn Pennachia, who covers politics and all sorts of delicious topics for the blog Death and Taxes.

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FOF #1730 – Life of Pie

Who can resist the sweet temptation of biting into a freshly baked pie with a flaky crust? There’s something about pie that’s filled with the love and comforts of home. Our friend, comedian and pie expert Michael Bowen, has an irrational infinite love for pie.

As drag queen Bertha Mason, Michael got a shot at fame on the reality TV show Sweet Genius, but ultimately his blind love for the sweetness that is pie got him kicked off the show.

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FOF #1680 – I’m Gonna Teach You How To Eat Things

The very funny Brian Sweeney joins us to look at how our dinner plate has become a battleground. Is the debate over vegans vs meat eaters distracting us from the serious issue of genetically modified foods and unsafe or unsustainable farming practices?

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I’m Sure Healthy Living Has Its Rewards… But?

I LOVE Nigellea Lawson. In fact she’s the only woman I would switch teams for. Leave it to a bear to like a glamourous, voluptuous cook! She has been criticized over the years for her […]

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Paula Deen Riding Things

One of my friends from high school started this blog Paula Deen Riding Things and it’s gotten super popular in the first 24 hours! Jimmy Fallen even tweeted about it. Check it out!

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VIDEO: And You Thought Your Job Was Repetitive

You could be this Indian Gentleman making Parotta all day. Plus hey, he’s a good throw!

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VIDEO: What the Heck is a Marmot?

To answer your question, the Huffington Post has brought this video to your attention. Also, he’s fat and enjoys biscuits.

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Watch Deven Green’s Lack of Oral Expertise

For all of Deven’s boudoir vocabulary she is woefully inexperienced in detecting things with her mouth. Watch Deven put her oral abilities to the test on the new ‘Inedible to Incredible’ show. TLC/Discovery show should […]

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Cockroaches Have Their Own Yelp

Scientist have discovered that cockroaches “recommend” food to each by communicating with chemicals. Humans do the the same thing but they use Yelp, the social network that reviews restaurants and other services.

I’m having visions of Kafka now.

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