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VIDEO: Hot Football Stud Donates Stem Cells to Save a Life

A hot guy with a big heart. He can donate stem cells to me anytime!

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VIDEO: David Beckham Gets Mad at a Fan Over Prostitute Allegations

David Beckham sure looks nice with his his shirt off, even if he is angry. A fan, or is it a paparazzi keeps yelling “Stop with the prostitutes” and a shirtless Beckham approaches him to […]

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VIDEO: Commercial 3- Naked Football Players in Match.

Very funny soccer parody.

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Amazing, Accidental Gay Superbowl Photo

Check out this amazing, accidental photo of two football players in a tender embrace, taken during last Sunday’s Superbowl while a player whose last name is “gay” was standing in the background. I love it […]

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Big Guy Crying Over a Football Game

My friend Kerthy says that football in many ways is like soap operas for straight men. Check out this intense emotional outburst of some guy crying over a football game. Harsh! — From Pistol Pete, […]

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