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VIDEO: Bill Nye STUPEFIED by Idiot FoxNews Anchor!

Bill Nye’s reaction is priceless.  While talking about newly discovered volcanoes on the  far side of the moon, the anchor asks if the discovery disproves climate change.  ROFL!!  Bill Nye slowly but surely reassures the […]

VIDEO: FoxNews Uses an Obama Impersonator in a Televised Debate

John Stossel, a joke at 60 Minutes and now a joke at Fox News, has chosen to use an Obama impersonator, Reggie Brown, to argue Obama’s stance on several issues in a debate.  Was the […]

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The US Secret Service Tweets About Hating to Watch Fox News.

This is the best tweet ever.

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VIDEO: FOX News on Chicago Area Hate Groups

Anti-Gay Chicago Groups Make ‘Hate List’: Chicago – The national organization that monitors hate groups in the United States is about to reveal its annual watch list of what it calls the country’s worst […]

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VIDEO: Carol Channing on “Hannity”

In case you didn’t get enough of Carol on FOF # here she is on “Hannity” on the Fox.

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Soy Milk or Soy Jizzum

I can’t believe this newscaster called soy milk what she called it. Will Fox news let her go?

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Fox News Wants You to Know Where to Find Sex

Fox News wants you to know where to find sex and they have the undercover video to prove it. Here’s the undercover video: I knew a trans woman who said she got in for free, […]

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Palin to be a Permanent Fox Fixture

In what is sure to be music to the ears of comedians around the world, Sarah Palin has signed on to be a regular commentator on Fox News. Though there’s no deal in place yet […]

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Spill O’Reilly Stains Himself On Bill O’Reilly

Spill O’Reilly makes his debut on Bill O’Reilly and sytains himself. How? I dunno but Barney Frank is mentioned. As you may remember Bill O’Reilly was upset that Oscar the Grouch referred to Fox News […]

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