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FOF #1194 – Cut and Paste Your Way to Success

During uncertain times, a little magic is all it takes to get through the rough spots. So grab your crystals and follow along as talk radio diva Summer Nettles takes us on a Visualization Journey to find the hidden pathway of life’s wonders and riches.

Warning: You will need lots of wax paper for this project.

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PHOTOSHOP CONTEST: Make Your Own “He’s the One” Frankengay Ad Campaign

Did you hate the creepy HIV awareness ad as much as we did? When the Illinois Department of Public Health gives you lemons, make something fabulous! We’re doing a Photshop contest, asking people to make […]

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“He’s the One” Campaign Is Bait and Switch

When I saw this ad on a bathroom wall in a gay bar in Chicago, I thought it was for a dating site and didn’t think much of it. It was just a weird composite […]

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