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FOF #2548 – We Are All Puerto Rican

More than a month after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, it seems like the US government is leaving Puerto Rico to struggle on its own.

Amazingly, artists are coming together to help- Lin-Manuel Miranda’s new song benefits relief efforts on the island and drag queen Phi Phi O’Hara has dozens of queens performing at Queens United which will also provide relief.

Listen as Phi Phi chats with us about getting all the queens together for one big show!

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FOF #2544 – Frankenstein’s Drag Monster

Although the Babadook is the latest creature to be crowned a gay monsters for refusing to be kept in the shadows, no other monster has inspired LGBT folks more than Frankenstein.

Today Peaches Christ joins us from her secret laboratory to talk about Frankenstein and movie monsters that thrill LGBT folks

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VIDEO Trick ‘r Treat Buddy

This is a super adorable story of a little boy who just wanted a friend to go trick ‘r treating with. Contrary to popular belief, this is not how I was created.

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“He’s the One” Campaign Is Bait and Switch

When I saw this ad on a bathroom wall in a gay bar in Chicago, I thought it was for a dating site and didn’t think much of it. It was just a weird composite […]

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