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Recipe: Chicken in Creamy White Wine Sauce with Mushrooms

Everyone loves French cuisine, and why not? The key ingredients are usually butter, cream and wine mixed along with mushrooms or fresh herbs for a quick and decadent sauce that would make Julia Child proud.

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FOF #1732 – Paid to be a Bitch

Talk about a perfect job. Comedian Kristen Studard just got done doing an improv murder mystery on a cruise ship where the audience almost always picked her to be the murder victim because her character was a bitch they wanted dead.

Listen as Kristen puts on some Southern charm when we get her to prank phone call the Boy Scouts of America who are taking a poll of whether they should admit gays into the tent.

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VIDEO: Interviews With Syphilis, Chlamydia and Hepatitis B

A campaign by the French gay website Prends-MOI tries to inform young gays in a funny, clever way about STDs. This interview with Syphilis. See more

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VIDEO: How to Fake French

Some tips how to communicate with French when you cannot speak French.

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VIDEO: McDonald’s Gay Commercial Spoof

The end is the funniest.

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VIDEO: Gay French Orangina Commercial

They must be reading True Blood in France. Would you tap that?

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