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FOF #2305 – Hillary Clinton’s AIDS Crisis

The Reagan presidency is considered a colossal failure by people familiar with the crisis because the Reagans never dealt with the plague until hundreds of thousands of people had already died.

Why did Hillary Clinton think it would be a good idea to credit the worst President and First Lady when it came to AIDS? Today we take a look at Hillary Clinton’s “misspeak” and gay folks’ reaction to it.

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FOF #2291A – Brolitas, Bronies, Furries and Anime Queens

Comic Book expos are drawing record crowds and are facing a new threat— horny fans who think they can do whatever they want to someone dressed up as a sexy comic book character.

Today, one of Chicago’s drag and cosplaying sensations, Fox E. Kim, joins us to dish on the ever growing cosplay scene, brolitas, bronies, furries and sexy anime queens.

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FOF #2291B – Brolitas, Bronies, Furries and Anime Queens

In part two of “Brolitas, Bronies, Furries and Anime Queens” we continue chatting with Fox E Kim about Cosplay and how she was confused for a trans lesbian who supports Republican Carly Fiorina.

Plus, could Angela Bassett be the new Star Trek captain? And is Laverne Cox up to playing the iconic Frank N. Furter in Fox’s production of Rocky Horror?

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FOF #2282A – Where No Barbie Has Gone Before

In the biggest redesign of the Barbie doll brand in over 50 years, toy maker Mattel has updated the iconic Barbie doll to come in different shapes, skin tones and hair textures, prompting Time magazine to declare “’Fat’ Barbie Could Be Our New Cultural Muse.”

Today we’re joined by the fabulous Jeffrey Jay, whose birth name was Courtney, so of course his mom got him countless Courtney Barbie dolls as kid that later were re-gifted to a trans woman named Courtney.

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FOF #2282B – Where No Barbie Has Gone Before

In part two of “Where No Barbie Has Gone Before” we continue our conversation with Jeffrey Jay about Mattel’s new diverse Barbie dolls and the challenges trans men have getting top surgery, where some decide to not keep their nipples.

Plus, why Tony the Tiger is having a hard time embracing his fandom with furries and ATTENTION: Kayne West would like everyone to know that he does not enjoy having his butt played with.

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FOF #1520 – Extreme Sexual Fetishes

What one person finds sexually stimulating, others might find horrifying, ridiculous or insane. Today we’re talking about extreme sexual fetishes, and every day acts that make some people’s hair stand on end.

Joining us is our sexy friend Brian Heckler, a kinky man about town.

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Morbid Plushy Dolls

German textile artist Patricia Waller has a taste for the macabre putting some of our most favorite furries in some deadly positions. Check out more of her work

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