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Video: Bald Gaga

Everything is covered in hair…except her own head. You are always so creative, Gaga.

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VIDEO: ”Fierceness” Interpretation Of ”Bad Romance” by Daniel Joseph Baker

Cute kid, indomitably prissy (the best kind of prissy!) gaybie, and an unforgettable talent.  Daniel Joseph Baker strutted onto the stage on America’s Got Talent and transformed “Bad Romance” into his own theme song.  Wonderful […]

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VIDEO: Lady Gaga and Patti LaBelle’s Impromptu ”Over the Rainbow” Performance

After the CDFA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) Awards ceremony, Patti LaBelle gave a performance at an after party, and she called Lady Gaga up to join in.  Other than seeing Gaga hold her […]

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Born This Way $1 on Amazon!

This is Ryan with 300 words (or less) to make your Monday a little less taxing! What? I know! I opened up my email this morning to find the image above. The reason? My guess is […]

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Paula Dean Rides Gaga

This is the Paula Dean Rides Things version of Gaga’s new album cover. LOL

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VIDEO: ”Pr0n That’s Gay” – Born This Way Parody (NSFW)

I’ve been waiting for this one ever since that Corny parody.

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Lady Gaga Ends Partnership With Target Over the Gays

This is an unconfirmed story, but I did just have my birthday and this would be the perfect gift from Our Lady of Gaga. [Yes, I’m 352 years old.]  Anyway, according to Huffpo who cites […]

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Gaga Threatens Her First Lawsuit.

Our little Gaga is growing up so fast.  Apparently those fools selling breast milk ice cream in London are calling the ice cream “Baby Gaga,” and the waitresses selling it are dressed up as Lady […]

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A Gaga Outrageous Outfit Crescendo -in a Tweet

This Twitter Twit has uncovered Gaga’s Outfit Master Plan.   Step 1:  Covered in meat at VMAs. Step 2:  Arrive in an egg wearing yolk yellow latex with sunny-side-up hat at the Grammys.   Step […]

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VIDEO: Gaga’s Egg Entrance at the Grammys

I think she needs no introduction on this site.  So, I’ll just say Gaga arrived at the Grammys in an egg, and here’s the video.  The part that struck me was the distain of the […]

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