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FOF #2161 – Born on Pride

Pride Month of June is just around the corner and it seems like people are more divided than ever- activists crying out against an all white celebration of Paris is Burning, British art icon David Hockney saying gays have become boring and bloggers languishing over the future of gay culture.

Joining us today is comedian Cody Melcher, whose birthday this year lands on the same day as Chicago’s Pride parade and the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots.

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FOF #1614 – Common Mistakes Gay Guys Make

There’s been no better time than now to be a gay man. Yet for many young guys, finding friends, lovers and happiness seems as awkward as ever.

Today we take a look at some common misconceptions gay guys have about life, annoying things we’d rather put in a trashcan than a time capsule and why making things together is the secret to being fabulous!

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VIDEO: Dr. Who Goes Gay in the Movie ”Christopher and His Kind”

The movie “Christopher and his Kind” is inspired by Christopher Isherwood’s 1976 autobiography of the same name. The movie focuses on the Isherwood’s (played by Matt Smith – Dr. Who) first travels to Berlin in […]

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Iconic 1970s Rush Poppers Company Goes Out of Business

It’s the end of an era. Pac West Distributing (PWD), the company that makes Rush poppers has gone out of business. Nobody knows why, but according to the This is FYF blog, the company’s website […]

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FOF #948 – George St. George Slays It

“Take My Picture Now! Do I look ugly? I demand you destroy all the copies of those photos.” These are the expressions that a lot of photographers endure when taking pictures out at nightclubs or […]

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FOF #844 – Let Your Freak Flag Fly Freely

Get your fetish gear ready folks! Whip it up. Whooo. On today’s Feast of Fools we’ve got Demetri Moshoyannis, he’s the sexy executive director for the Folsom Street Fair, one of the largest spectator events […]

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FOF #781 – Big Bear Double Date

Ah happy memories. It was such a blast to ride up to Milwaukee with Tracy Tyler to perform at the Pridefest Milwaukee celebration, an event that started out with a torrential downpour and ended with […]

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