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FOF #1288 – American Gothic’s Gay Roots

American Gothic is one of the most parodied paintings of all time and a symbol for anti-gay groups even though Grant Wood, the artist who created the work was gay.

Today art historian R. Tripp Evans talks about his new book on the artist- Grant Wood: A Life- detailing the full rich gay life behind this American master.

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VIDEO: Happy Birthday Judy Garland

Today is the birthday of entertainer Judy Garland, she would have been 88 years old. Everyone loves a tragic diva, and her death on June 22, 1969 is the stuff of legend. Some historians say because of the sorrowful atmosphere of her death, many LGBT people reacted violently when police raided the Stonwall Inn, a gay bar run by the mob in New York City on June 28, 1969.

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FOF #933 – Presidents’ Gay

President’s Day, a day where we celebrate the contribution of many of our nation’s great presidents has come and gone, but one thing we’re often asked is which presidents were gay or even a little […]

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