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German Foreign Minister ’Marries’ Gay Partner

German Foreign Minister and Deputy Chancellor Guido Westerwelle (left one on the picture) has married his long time gay partner  in Bonn.  48-year-old Westerwelle and businessman Michael Mronz entered the wedlock on Friday when Bonn’s […]

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VIDEO: Christian and Oliver – the Proposal

This week Germany’s most famous gay TV couple Christian and Oliver from the TV show “Verbotene Liebe” (Forbidden Love) will finally get married on September 3rd. If you are interested to watch it you can […]

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VIDEO: Rachel Maddow Asks Where is the Rebublican Prop 8 Outrage?

Rachel wants to know why the Republicans are so quiet on the Prop 8 issue? Is it hard to argue for Prop 8 without sounding like an idiot?

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VIDEO: Colbert on Stopping Gay Marriage

Colbert unveils a plan to thwart gay marriage.

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Argentina Passes Gay Marriage

Argentina legalizes Gay Marriage on a Senate vote of 33-27 to become the first South American country to end discrimination. Will the others now fall like dominoes? Until I get more info, enjoy this cartoon […]

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Court Declares DOMA Unconstitutional!

A Federal Judge in Boston has ruled that the Defense of Marriage Act or DOMA is unconstitutional!  Part of me wants to say, “well duh!”, but I wont look a gift horse (judge) int he […]

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Today’s the day for TODAY

With the singe of Hawaii’s Governor Linda Lingle’s burn still fresh on our skin, from her veto of the legislature’s Civil Unions bill on Thursday, we may yet have a victory to count. We may […]

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VIDEO: That’s Gay’s “The Nation’s Worst Church”

A woman wanted to sue her church to get all the money back that she donated over the years because they started performing gay marriages. I say give her the money back so she can […]

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Movie Review: 8 the Mormon Proposition

I had the pleasure of seeing the new documentary film 8: the Mormon Proposition at the Frameline Film Festival this past weekend.  Up front I should say that I am a former Mormon, and the […]

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VIDEO: Funny or Die’s “Devin & Glenn”

The people at Funny or Die think that gay marriage has the same problems that any opposite marriage has.

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