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Ask Randy Phillips- the gay solider who came out to his family on YouTube ANYTHING!

A lot has happened since then, Randy is busy cultivating a following as a video blogger and been covering the topics of tolerance, identity, food and fitness. It seems Randy is looking and doing great. — Ask him anything!

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VIDEO: Gay Soldier Comes Out to Pizza Man – LIVE

This video is dedicated to Randy Phillips, the gay solider who came out to his mom and dad, days after DADT was repealed. Thanks for coming out. You’re making the world a better place for your bravery and service to our country.

We hope this video gets his attention and we can get him on the show.

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PHOTO: Does Fausto Look Like Randy Phillips, the Gay Solider Who Came Out to His Dad?

The internet is in love with Randy Philips, the solider stationed in Afghanistan who famously came out to his dad and mom, live on YouTube. We figured since Randy’s video has been such a hit […]

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