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VIDEO: Glee’s New Boyfriend for Kurt is So Cute

Here’s a preview of the next Glee episode to air entitled “Never Been Kissed” where all bets are being made that YouTube singer Darren Criss will be Kurt’s new boyfriend Blaine. They’re going to sing […]

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VIDEO: Dan Savage and His Hubby Want You to Know It Gets Better

Sex advice columnist, podcaster and NPR darling Dan Savage has launched a YouTube channel with his hubby called “It Gets Better.” They’re asking for videos from people who want to provide support to gay teens who face the haters, discrimination and bullying in high school.

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FOF #1176 – Comic Book Confidential

Among all the hunky guys in superhero costumes at the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo was writer and cartoonist Dan Parent, who for over two decades has worked for Archie Comics helping to bring to life the classic teen comic about Archie Andrews and his friends from the fictional town of Riverdale.

Veronica Comics will soon debut a new character Kevin, who will be the first openly gay teen in the town of Riverdale! You heard it here first folks.

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FOF #909 – King of the Cul De Sac

Before Darren Stein went on to direct such fabulous films as Jawbreaker and Sparkler, he made short videos with his friends in their suburban cul de sac. His sophisticated short movies touched on adult subjects […]

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FOF #852 – Standing Up to Bullies

Bullies! Those awful people who abuse and manipulate you. What makes a person want to be like that? What gives them power? What happens when they grow up? Not only are a lot of young […]

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