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FOF #2326 – Nothing Compares 2 Prince

Folks are still shocked with the sad news that Prince died yesterday at his Paisley Park residence and recording studio complex, he was 57.

Today, we take a look at the extraordinary life of Prince Nelson Rogers, his genius, his intense religious faith that may have kept him from seeking proper medical care, and his habit of creating music, films and videos that nobody ever saw.

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FOF #1928 – The Kids are All Right

These days, old folks complain that the millennials, people born in the decades before the turn of the century, are selfish, vain and all they want to do with their time is redefine their identities and sex it up.

Is that such a bad thing? Today we take a look at the sex lives of Millennials, and why the sexual revolution of the 1960s pales in comparison to today’s sexual revolution 2.0.

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