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FOF #1874 – I’m a Survivor

Behind most people’s bizarre behavior usually lies some traumatic life experience they are still dealing with. When celebrities start acting all crazy, we wonder what horrible thing had happened. Now, Madonna’s dropped a bombshell revealing that she was raped at knifepoint when she first moved to New York City over 30 years ago.

Today we take a look at some of the truly awful things some celebrities have gone through you wouldn’t want to wish on your worst enemy.

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FOF #1867 – Lick it Up

Nobody’s gotten more tongues wagging recently about tongue wagging like Miley Cyrus, who just said that she totally meant for her VMA performance to be awkward, and because she’s sick of people giving her hell, vows to never stick her tongue out again. Promises, promises.

Today we’re licking it up with musician Stephen Leonard – pop culture moments when stars stood out for sticking out their tongues.

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FOF #1497 – A Real Body

The sexual revolution has pretty much been won, due in part to the Internet. But of course people are also looking to just date, make new friends and form strong relationships.

Mikey Corona and Brian Riggenbach, the gay couple behind YoSoy are back to talk about relationships, what it means to have a “real body” and the sex culture of hookup apps and websites.