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FOF #2970 – America’s Got Talent’s Danger Duo Momma Gigi Deluxe

The headline read: “Simon Cowell Fears The Worst If This Mother/Daughter Danger Act Goes Wrong.” Now we knew they wouldn’t show on America’s Got Talent our friend Gigi Deluxe shooting an arrow straight through her daughter’s head, but Gigi’s friends still held their breath as she shot arrows through balloons, inches away from her daughter’s face.

Today Gigi Deluxe, the Danger Duo momma from America’s Got Talent joins us to look at shooting arrows at her daughter on national TV, how she knows her aim is straight and what she thought of Howie Mandell who didn’t like her act.

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FOFA #1067 – Twilight of the Gigi

Satanist soccer-mom Gigi Deluxe Gross shares with us her tips and tricks on harnessing the powers of darkness to make Halloween fabulous, fake blood recipies and how to make your eye look like it got bit off by a wild beast.

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Gigi Comes Over for a Visit

Our friend Gigi Deluxe comes over to tape a podcast and brings over Red Velvet Cupcakes and stickers! Whooo. For a high-quality version of the video, subscribe with : RSS | iTunes | YouTube | […]

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FOF #946 – Gigi’s New Bouncy Clothes

Boing boing! Gigi Deluxe, Chicago’s glamor-puss is here to talk about her new collaboration with House of Bias, a fashion forward clothing line specializing in clothes made out of rubber latex. Think it’s too kinky […]

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FOF #864 – Gigi’s Halloween Tips and Tricks

Halloween is the perfect holiday for slobs. All those unraked leaves, cobwebs and dead animals rotting in your front yard almost look normal. Even though you dress like a bum everyone now everybody thinks you’re […]

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Gigi Deluxe interviews Fausto and Marc

Found this little gem browsing Gigi’s video blog, I thought it was a lot of fun, and you guys might enjoy seeing how we tape one of our shows. Sadly Gigi announced this week she’s […]

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FOF #804 – Deluxe and Delovely

Gigi’s back boys! Our deluxe and delovely club-kid turned mother of two and visual artist is starting a new art group in Chicago, the Salon des Artistes Indépendants. Gigi and other artists decided to come […]

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