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FOF #2192 – Your Periscope is Terrible (But We Love You Anyways)

Did you know we’re on Periscope? It’s a great tool for this lonely generation who grew up in front of a screen. And, it’s an easy thing to really suck hard at. Lucky for you, we don’t.

Drag Queen Dixie Lynn Cartwright joins us to talk about our new tech obsession.

FOF #2189 – Drag Queens Banned from Pride

Free Pride Glasgow, an alternative to the Scottish city’s main Pride celebration is raising over-plucked eyebrows across the world for banning drag queens from performing at their event because they make some trans people feel “uncomfortable.”

Listen as we take a look with Adam Guerino at why some trans folks are perfectly ok with drag queens and why some are offended.

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John Barrowman Channels Jack Harkness, Stops Fleeing Criminal

Captain Jack Harkness is, of course, a hero to myself and many other multisexual geeks, but my admiration for actor John Barrowman also knows no bounds. He’s consistently warm and funny in interviews, and inspiring […]

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