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Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Westboro Baptist

Westboro Baptist Church won the case in the U.S. Supreme Court in which they were being sued for 10 million dollars for protesting near a military funeral. The ruling was 8-1 with the lone dissenter […]

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VIDEO: Westboro Baptist Church on 20/20

How Can There be So Much Hate! Crazily Unbelievable I was looking through some news on Towleroad and found this video. Thought at first it was just another video about how the Church discriminate against […]

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48 States to File “Friend of the Court” Brief to Supreme Court Case Against Westboro Baptist

Forty eight states and the District of Columbia signed an “friend of the court” brief to a pending Supreme Court case to prohibit the anti-gay Westboro Baptists from protesting near funerals.

So who do you think will win? Should funerals proceedings override our right to the free expression of ideas?

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Fred Phelps: God Hates Lady Gaga!

This press release sounds like it was written by Cristal Conners: “‘Art’ and ‘fasion’ are the euphemisms, the guise under which proud whore Lady Gaga teaches rebellion against God (incidentally her claim to the title […]

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