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Google VS. Apple: Round 4,568

Google and Apple are not friends, let’s be clear. Until recently, with Google’s entrance into the app market/smart phone world with Android, the two companies were not really in direct competition.  But as we all […]

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It Pays to Be Gay At Google!

Have you ever heard of the “gay tax?” Google has, and they’re doing something about it. In a post to the official Google Blog, the search engine behemoth of a company has announced two great […]

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Google Goes Gay

If you search the right word you get a happy little Pride rainbow under your search.

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Google Celebrates Pac-Man’s Birthday

You may not have noticed, but today is Pac-Man’s 30th birthday. On May 22, 1980 the Japanese video game company Namco developed the quirky, odd-ball video game named after the word “Paku” which means to […]

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Google and YouTube: A Bond That Can’t be Broken…Literally.

Do I really need to Facebook “unlike” you, Google?  You are one of the most powerful companies in the world and for the most part you seem to always be using that for good (when […]

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There Be Water on the Moon Captain!

NASA’s experiment to find water on the moon has turned out to be a “smashing” success! Sorry I couldn’t help myself. The space agency aimed a rocket to the moon’s south pole, hoping to pick […]

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FOF #943- Brunch Divas

Why is brunch such a gay thing? Why not call it linner, lunch-din or sup-fast? Today we’re talking to Chicago entertainers Scott Bradley and Jonny Stax, the dynamic drag duo that is Scooty & Jojo. […]

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