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VIDEO: Dan Savage vs. GOProud Taiwanese Animation

Next Media Animation gives the Taiwanese animation treatment to Dan Savage and his criticism of GOProud for endorsing Mitt Romney as president. Savage called GOProud “house f*gotts,” a reference to term “house negros” The video, […]

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VIDEO: Thomas Roberts Ain’t Havin’ It

Thomas Roberts speaks to Jimmy DeSalvia, the head of GOProud about what a terrible person Michele Bachmann is.

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VIDEO: Conservative Gay Man – “I really don’t like gay people that much”

I have to hand it to Ebone Bell, host of Outspoken, for interviewing party goers at the conservative GOProud’s party held during the Conservative Political Action Conference weekend in Washington, DC. I don’t think I […]

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VIDEO: Tony Perkins Isn’t Going To CPAC Because He Hates Gays

Maybe GOProud isn’t such a bad organization after all if it’s splintering the Rebulican party. Watch as the vile Tony Perkins of the Family Council Research takes it from GOProud co-founder & chair Christopher Barron. […]

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To “Man Up” or Not “Man Up”

Pictured here is a Twitter exchange between a sensitive twitter user, Thomas Bloom and Chris Barron, the chairman of the conservative gay Republican organization GOProud. You may remember them as the idiots who invited Ann […]

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Ann Coultur to Appear at Homocon

Ann Coulter is headlining GOProud’s Homocon, a convention which they described as “a party to celebrate gay conservatives.” I wonder if Ann will get up in front of them all and call them all faggots. […]

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