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FOF #2883 – Ben Widdicombe: How I Helped the Rich become Famous and Ruin the World

For much of history, the rich and powerful avoided the limelight because they knew once everyone knows your name and how rotten you are, the guillotine comes next.

But then, something changed- “Keep my name out of your mouth” became “fake it til you make it” and fame and power became the ultimate goal. The rich hired publicists to capitalize on their image and now celebrity culture is another tool to keep terrible people in power.

How did we get here?

Today, gossip reporter Ben Widdicombe, joins us to talk about how celebrity culture is destroying everything, which he details in his new book: “Gatecrasher: How I Helped the Rich Become Famous and Ruin the World.”

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VIDEO: TMZ hounds Kermit the Frog on Bert and Ernie Being Gay

TMZ catches up with the most famous Muppet, Kermit the Frog, and asks him about the rumors surrounding Bert and Ernie that they are gay. Funny idea, but the execution is pretty lame. There’s a reason why it hit the “meh” middle on Funny or Die. Is there such a thing as purgatory on that site?

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Is Jonathan Taylor Thomas Gay? Lo Bosworth and Chelsea Handler are Wondering

Remember JTT? Remember when Jonathan Taylor Thomas dominated teen magazines all they asked was what was their favorite color and music? I’ve always wondered if J.T.T. was gay, and what he’s up to these days […]

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Gossip – ”Four Letter Word” (Live at the Grand Journal in Cannes, France 2010)

Here is a video of the group “Gossip” performing “Four Letter Word” Live at the Grand Journal in Cannes, France in 2010. Enjoy. Great voice live!!!  The two ladies are lesbians and are pro-gay.

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The ”Gossip” Band – ”Pop Goes the World”

Earlier today I came across the indie rock group “Gossip” which was formed in the late 90’s in Arkansas. They are now based in Portland, Oregon. Gossip is made up of singer Beth Ditto, drummer […]

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FOF #1215 – Viva La Coacha

In the past year La Coacha has exploded in popularity with her hilarious music parody videos and red carpet interviews. She wields her Spanglish sense of humor like the tip of Zorro’s gay blade.

Listen as we talk with the lovable La Coacha about her wild adventures in Hollywood, her thoughts on Lady Gaga, being banned by Oprah and if she will star in the Real Latina Housewives.

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Ricky Martin Can’t Escape People’s Gaydar for Too Long

Can celebrities elude the public’s “gaydar?” Check out Fausto Fernós’ opinions in Rex W. Huppke’s article in the Chicago Tribune.

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Madonna is a Grizzled Old Pop Star and Jesus Has a Shrivelled Dick

Disclaimer:  I love Madonna, I’m a fan, I respect her as a business woman and cultural provacatuer, I enjoy her music.  That said… OMG!  This photo of Madonna with her fresh out of the pool […]

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TV Mom is Big Lesbo!

Meredith Baxter, most famous as the Mom from the 80’s hit TV show “Family Ties” and who played the older sister on one of my favorite 70’s dramas “Family” has  come out publicly as a […]

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FOF #1005 – Bareblack

An in-depth discussion on the naked photos of Oscar winner Dustin Lance Black posted on Perez Hilton’s website.

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