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FOF #1085 – Chicago’s Halloween Secret

Curtis Jensen joins us to talk about the Halloween Parade in Chicago. In the news: Levi Johnston disses the Palins, a man claims to be too fat to kill, California eyes legalizing pot and a phone call from a listener.

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FOF #1084 – Mark of the She-Wolf

Marc and Fausto perform a comedy skit about a man who is bitten by a she wolf and becomes a tranny werewolf. In the news: Hate crime bill signed, “Masculine Health Day” in China, and an iPhone ap that drives a car.

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FOF #1083 – Hocus Poke Us

Shivian Balaris of talks about the roots of Halloween, the origins of jack-o-lanterns, why witches ride broomsticks and the reason cats are so closely associated with the occult. Shivian also casts a spell on the listening audience to bring them great fortune.

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FOF #1072 – Haunted House

Join us on a sound-seeing tour of Cursed Chicago, a haunted house that will scare the bejeebers out of you.

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FOF #1067 – Twilight of the Gigi

Satanist soccer-mom Gigi Deluxe Gross shares with us her tips and tricks on harnessing the powers of darkness to make Halloween fabulous, fake blood recipies and how to make your eye look like it got bit off by a wild beast.

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FOF #872 – A New Day

Tonight Fausto is NYC and Marc is in Chicago. Fausto attended the 70th birthday party of Terrence McNally the playwright. He rubbed shoulders with Broadway’s best actors. Listen as we find out who was there. […]

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FOF #870 – Shivers Down My Spine

Happy Halloween! What’s scariest thing happening right now? For many, it’s the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election. Intense national events like the election can push some people who are already on the verge of sanity over […]

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FOF #860 – In the Year 2012

Today Erik Sosa, gay painter, artist and dad talks about moving to the remote parts of Kenosha, Wisconsin with his partner Mark and their two beautiful baby boys. Erik’s been reading quite a few books […]

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FOFA #632 – Candy Corn

Ah candy corn. This delicious but deadly candy confection connotes images of the fall in the United States, of childhood and our beloved neo-pagan holiday, Halloween. Thanks to a growing acceptance of weird things in […]

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FOF #642 – Tricks and Treats

Boy did we have a great time at Chicago’s Lakeview Halloween Parade! The streets were filled with hundreds of hunky, freaky, brassy and sassy folks who strutted their stuff. Marc and I were joined by […]

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