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FOF #2996 – All the Hot News: Adele, Britney, Sesame Street Banned and the RENT is Too Damn High

It’s the podcast that always has a fire in its heart, but thankfully you can see a doctor about it, it’s Feast of Fun! Now celebrating 3000 shows and 16 years.

Today- it’s all sizzling, all hot news: Hot and fresh, just like you like it henny.

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FOF # 2875 – Black at Second City

In the comedy world, not everything is a laughing matter, especially when it comes to allegations of racism and sexual misconduct at one of the world’s most prestigious comedy institutions- Chicago’s Second City.

Today comedian Rachel Hall who’s worked with Second City joins us to take a look at Chicago’s comedy scene and how Vogue Magazine’s Anna Wintour says perhaps she’s been too hurtful and intolerant and pledges to hire more black creatives and journalists.

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FOF #2525 – Fry Harder

We have a big announcement to make- today, we’re launching season 3 of Cooking with Drag Queens !

Joining us today is the very cunning linguist, Fox E Kim to help us come up with some she-larious sequel subtitles to the culinary web series – All T-Bone No Shade? Tucks and Rolls? Fry Harder?

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FOF #2436 – The Most Outrageous Movie Fan Theories Ever

Like all great art, popular films create their own world filled with such detail and nuance that it gets fans to come up with some amazing theories as to what’s really going on.

Today, we take a look at some of the most outrageous fan theories of popular films that give an amazing twist to your favorite movie of all time.

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FOF #2424 – Fanatical Beasts and Where to Find Them

We thought it’d be a picnic under a Clinton presidency and that Trump’s basket of deplorables would scamper away to lick their wounds, but after Trump’s win, they have become emboldened to unleash their tantrums upon the world.

Today, writer Zach Stafford joins us to talk about all the fanatical beasts crawling out of the woodwork and clogging up our social media feeds with their racist rants.

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VIDEO: Professor Sprout is a Slutty Lesbian! Yeah!

“If you’ll follow me to my college, then I’ll suck you off.”  That’s a quote.  This interview is hilarious, and I had no idea that Sprout is a lesbian.  Also, she flashes her ass and/or […]

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VIDEO: Voldemort Does the Morning Announcements

If you saw the movie, it was kind of like this. Flashbacks of school days.

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VIDEO: HELLO- Harry Potter/Book of Mormon Parody

A parody of the musical The Book of Mormon starring Harry Potter impersonators!  This made me laugh out loud!

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VIDEO: Harry Potter Lego Trailer

This is Ryan with 300 words (or less) to make your Monday a little less taxing. Everyone is gushing about the finale of the most lucrative franchise in movie history, and I’m still fascinated by […]

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Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter Never Spooned in Real Life

Say it ain’t so! Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter never spooned in real life- this image is just an artist’s fantasy according to Tom Felton, the guy who played Malfoy- “I must stress [that the […]

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