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IMAGE: What Dumbledore Said

Couldn’t agree more.

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VIDEO: Hogwarts Hangover

What happens at Hogwarts doesn’t necessarily stay at Hogwarts.

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FOF #1277 – My Mom’s Message to Parents of Gay Teens

On today’s show my mom, Patricia Fernós joins us to take a look at the powerful movement to bring comfort and support to young LGBT people everywhere, and what parents can for their children when they do come out.

Listen as Fausto’s mom tells embarassing stories on how she knew Fausto was gay and how she bought a book to try to cure him with dubious results.

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Daniel Radcliffe Cries

Daniel Radcliffe cried after taping the last scene in the Harry Potter franchise. Radcliffe said, “It was really very sad, a weird, weird feeling. We were crying quite a lot.” –Read More

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Brokeback Hogwarts

Makes you wonder if Harry Potter puts the Engorgio charm to use with sexy results. Alternate titles for this post–I’m sure you guys can come up with better ones: Harry Potter and the Never Ending Parade […]

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Dangerous Wands

It’s the Mudbloods vs. the Mud… Crips in this Harry Potter take on cliche ghetto high school flicks.

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FOF #1102 – A Gay Bar Opens in China

On World AIDS Day, activists gave President Obama’s a D+, due to the US Government’s AIDS funding not keeping up the global rates of infection.

How is China is dealing with AIDS crisis? By opening a fabulous gay bar to reach out to gay men!

Our talk radio gal pal Summer Nettles joins us to take these news including Grady Sizemore steamy iPhone pics and Marilyn Monroe’s pot smoking video found 50 years later.

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