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FOF #1538 – Are Haters a Dying Breed?

I know Andrew Breitbart just dropped dead, but are haters generally a dying breed?

Writer Zach Lamm joins us to talk about the changing face of sexual identity. Will people continue to idenity their sexual orientations in the near future, or is all this just a new way for guys to avoid naming it and claiming it?

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FOF #952 – How Green Was My Fountain

I see a fountain and I want it flowing green! America’s Favorite First Lady Michelle Obama brings a little Chicago love to the White House by dying the fountain green for St. Patrick’s Day, just […]

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FOF #934 – Under the Hood with Jade

The new reality tv show “RuPaul’s Drag Race” may be a hit, but “where’s the drama mama?” It’s not like drag queens don’t know how to throw a little shade. On today’s show we have […]

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