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VIDEO: Lady Gaga’s Funeral

Nothing like a little necromancy straight out of the Necronomicon to bring the spirit of a dead diva back to life.

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PHOTOS: Haunted Halsted 2010

A deliciously fun time was had by all at Haunted Halsted, our first gay haunted house pub crawl in the heart of Boystown, Chicago, Oct. 24, 2010.

Special thanks to our photographers: Jason Smith, Fausto Fernós and Rick Aiello.

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FOF #1278 – Halloween Costume Ideas From Hell on Acid on Steroids

Halloween, drag shows and comic book conferences all have one thing in common: they allow people to dress up in outfits they wouldn’t otherwise get caught dead wearing in public. Today we’re taking a close […]

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VIDEO: Haunted Halsted Pub Crawl

Video from the Haunted Halsted Pub Crawl on Oct. 24, 2010 hosted by Fausto and Marc with Tracy Tyler and Mimi Imfurst. Camera and editing by Jason Smith

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Photo: Lady Gaga’s Funeral

Part of the gang at the Funeral for Lady Gaga at Haunted Halsted. More photos by Jason Smith to come.

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FOF #1270 – Being Lady Gaga

We’re thrilled to announce that Chicago comedian Kristen Studard, winner of the “Impress these Apes” comedy competition will portray Lady Gaga in all her zombified glory for the Haunted Halsted Pub Crawl.

Today Kristen joins us to talk about being tortured as a teen while working in a suburban haunted house and of course getting ready for the role of a lifetime, playing Lady Gaga.

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FOF #1266 – It Gets Wetter

Nothing but good can come out of the overwhelming public response to the horrific teen suicides that have been in the news lately- an estimated 1600 teenagers kill themselves every year over abuse they’ve received from being or being perceived as queer.

On today’s show we’d like to add to the conservation and draw attention to things we love, that excite us and get us out of bed in the morning- It Gets Wetter.

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FOF #1258 – Haunted Halsted

Halloween is just around the corner, and to help you get your freak on, we’re throwing Haunted Halsted, a Gay Haunted House Pub Crawl in the heart of Boystown.

Join us on Sunday October 24 at 2pm as we go from bar to select bar on Halsted Street for a ghoulish cavalcade of depraved delights.

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