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The Answer to All Life’s Troubles: Protein Shake Ice Cream

Waikato University student and aspiring rugby player Sean Nixon may prove to be the saviour of mankind if he succeeds in his dream of creating a dessert that blends the goodness of a protein shake […]

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IMAGE: Transmission of Culture

I enjoy kombucha, but was hesitant to try making it myself. I’ve made homemade yogurt before to save money, and it was more work than I cared to keep doing. On a whim I decided […]

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Love Bites: Woman Partially Paralyzed by Hickey

First post-orgasmic illness syndrome, now this!

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VIDEO: No Weight ”At Home” Contraction Workout!

This routine is perfect for those who just can’t make it to the gym or want to get an AWESOME pump before going out for the night. By contracting/flexing your muscles as hard as you […]

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Medicine Ball Madness!

Your core is where you get ALL of your strength from!!  So let’s make sure it is nice and strong!!  Grab your ballz and let’s do this!!

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VIDEO: Scott Herman’s FTW ”Upper Body” Resistance Band Training

If you are looking for an AMAZING workout you can do at home to help get you pumped up! Then you will love this one! This workout will work your fast-twitch muscle fibers to help […]

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Obama Orders Same-Sex Hospital Visits

The title really says it all…….GOBAMA!

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Shock and Awe Baby

Doctors are using shockwave therapy to correct erectile dysfunction. Low-intensity shockwaves trigger growth of new blood vessels from existing ones which could help men whose erectile dysfunction stems from reduced blood flow to their penis.

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FOF #884 – Tunnel of Love

A healthy booty is a happy one! The butt is the final frontier, not just for food leaving the body, but it’s also a psychological, sexual place wherein lies desire and identity. In many ways, […]

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FOF #807 – Let’s Take a Glass Together

“Walter, fix me a drink!” In the 1960s, 70s and early 80s we always saw characters on TV drinking all the time, either at home, after work, during lunch, or pretty much all the time. […]

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