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FOF #2314 – Who is Hotter: Ben Affleck or Henry Cavil?

Despite bringing in over $400 million dollars on its opening weekend, critics are panning the new Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice movie, calling it a “knight-mare.” Even the hilarious “Sad Ben Affleck” is turning into an Internet meme.

Today Brian Sweeney joins us to look at all the spectacular ways Batman v Superman failed, but more importantly: who would you rather sleep with: Ben Affleck or Henry Cavill?

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FOF #1813 – Superman is a Biscuit

Spoiler Alert! Man of Steel, the new Superman reboot opened in theaters over the weekend, to the sweet tune of $125 million, guaranteeing more sexy movies featuring the muscular Henry Cavill saving the day.

Joining us today is comic book enthusiast Brian Sweeney and comic book publisher Zan Christensen to take a look at all the sexy, ridiculous, weird things about the new Man of Steel film.

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FOF #1480 – I Love Looking at Henry Cavill’s Muscular Naked Body

Big surprise! Americans love looking at hot, muscular men on the silver screen. After seeing The Immortals, I wonder, will Hollywood become America’s biggest adult film maker in the near future?

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Does Henry Cavill Own a Shirt?

The new Superman, Henry Cavill, plays a shirtless Theseus in his next film “Immortals.” Missing from the trailer is Kellan Lutz as Poseidon, this isn’t a Chi Chi La Rue production, but expect a sea […]

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The New Man of Steel

Henry Cavill is super!!! Thanks for asking.

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Say Hello to the New Superman, Henry Cavill, Shirtless

Hot or not? Director Zack Snyder (best known for directing all those Greek abs in 300) has chosen British actor Henry Cavill to portray the iconic hero in the next chapter of the Hollywood film […]

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