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FOF #1494 – A Tale of Two Drag Queens

Inside Paul Soileau there are two very different drag queens, the suave Rebecca Havemeyer and raunchy Christeene. Which one will ultimately gain control? Two queens enter, one queen leaves.

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FOF #1475 – 50 of the Most Incredible Moments of Anything

Today comedian Becky Donohue joins us to talk about how they make commentary clip shows where funny, insightful people share their thoughts on video clips in between commercial breaks.

Plus: Lesbian Haggis, Adult babies and Stinky Sexy Occupy Wall Street hunks.

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VIDEO: Herman Cain Pizza Song

Herman Cain sings “Imagine” but instead of world peace, he’s singing about pizza. Maybe he wouldn’t be so bad as Prez after all. Just kidding!

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FOF #1451 – Side Mullet Nation Uprising

Comedian Cameron Esposito, loves her asymmetrical haircut, or as she calls it her “side mullet” – it’s not just fashion, but a symbol of how we’re all interconnected by being a little off kilter.

Join us as we chat with Cameron about her new show in NYC, invading Wall Street, and how Obama recognizes Lady Gaga as out supreme leader.

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