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FOF #2993 – Keep it Gay! Becoming the Producer’s Gay Hitler

For as gay as the musicals on the Great White Way are, Broadway characters and their relationships are disturbingly straight. So when we get a character that openly queer, we celebrate it, even if it’s Hitler.

Today we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Tony Tony Tony award-winning “Mel Brooks’ The Producers” on Broadway with actor John B Boss, who has played the fierce drag queen gay Hitler in over 230 shows including the official touring production.

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FOF #2365 – The Case for President Hillary Clinton

Queer democrats can’t run the risk of a Trump presidency by voting for a 3rd party candidate in November in order to punish the Democratic party.

Today, writer Derek Elliott Bagley joins us to look at the reasons why voters who strongly believe in Berne Sanders’ values must vote for Hillary Clinton to keep all political parties shifting left.

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FOF #2248 – If I Could Turn Back Time

If you could travel back in time to kill baby Hitler would you do it? Republican Presidential candidate Jeb Bush says he’d love to slay baby Adolf but we aren’t so sure that’s the best way to go.

Today, Chicago drag queen aerialist Muffy Fishbasket joins us to contemplate the ramifications of time travel and the ethics of murdering the tyrants and monsters of the past.

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FOF #2169 – Lucky Charms

Times are changing- more than 1.2 million people in Ireland voted for Marriage Equality, in what was once a very staunch Catholic country. The Vatican called the unprecedented vote a “defeat for humanity. Meanwhile, Irish American Vice President Joe Biden, said the U.S. and the world “needs to follow Ireland’s lead.”

Joining us today is Vine comedy superstar Meg Grunewald, who impressive range of characters have made her one of the top video bloggers on the micro-video sharing app.

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FOF #1985 – Stop and Smell the Roses

Today we stop to smell the roses and take a look at some easy things you can do right now to improve the quality of your life.

Joining us is television producer Ryan Burdick who from the tender young age of 16 grew up listening to this podcast, and now works for a television company in Washington D.C. Listen as Ryan shares with us his insights on enjoying every bit of life and turns the tables by interviewing us on our ten years in podcasting.

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FOF #1801 – Men of Steel

This summer millions of people will flock to movie theaters to catch Man of Steel, the latest reboot of the Superman franchise. For over 75 years, Superman has had so many different adventures in so many different forms of media that it’s come to the point of being ridiculous.

Joining us today is comedian and comic book fan Brian Sweeney to take a look at why it’s so hard to make Superman movies exciting, and yet why we’re still irresistibly attracted to the man of steel.

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FOF #1655 – Space Invaders

Jasen Lee, one of the organizers for the Chicago Gaymers Meetup joins us to talk about the big dust up over someone registering the trademark for “gaymer” which describes gay people who like to play games.

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FOF #1553 – Party Like It’s 1999

One forgotten gem of science fiction TV shows is Space: 1999. Marc loves it, but comedian Brian Sweeney hates it. Listen as we have an intervention for Marc about his addiction to this cheesy TV show, who now is getting a reboot.

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FOF #1426 – Boost Your Fabulous Energy Levels

Today- group fitness instructor Brian Heckler joins us to talk about how to get more energy into your life and examine some ways you might be thwarting your vitality.

Also, we talk to Matt Siegel, Adam Carolla’s gay former personal assistant about the recent scandal over Carolla’s anti-LGBT rant.

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Allies Plotted to Force Feminize Hitler with Estrogen

I don’t even know if this plan to give Hitler estrogen to calm him would have worked. I’ve met more than few people with plenty of estrogen in their veins who were bat shit crazy. […]

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