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FOF #1548 – Love Hangover

After Austin has settled down from the SXSW festivities, people like Ryan Broussard are left dealing with the sharp rise in sexually transmitted diseases. Yeow!

Listen as we talk about Ryan’s sexy adventures in testing people in bathhouses, people getting horny when they hear their negative HIV test results and cheeking a condom on a beer bottle.

PHOTOS: Fierce World AIDS Day Ball in Chicago

In honor of World AIDS Day and the ongoing fight to promote HIV prevention and treatment among high risk groups, the University of Chicago Medical Center held a mini-ball with the legends and stars of […]

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VIDEO: World AIDS Day event: The Beginning of the End of AIDS

A live YouTube channel for World AIDS day. The President spoke and as of right now, they’ve assembled a high profile panel to discuss HIV and AIDS.

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FOF #1464 – Change is Coming

In the years since we started podcasting, a lot has changed about how we think of gay men’s health and sexuality.

Join us today as we walk down memory lane with Jim Pickett to look back at the live podcast forums we’ve done together and the life lessons we’ve learned.

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VIDEO: Magic Johnson Talks About How HIV Discrimination Forced Him to Retire

Magic regrets not playing longer but discrimination and fear of HIV forced him out of the game he loves.

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FOF #1425 – Growing Up Feast of Fun

For all the unhappy stories we year about LGBT youth today, for many their experience is one filled with excitement and wonder as the world has never been so accepting.

Today we’re joined by our summer intern Ryan Burdick who started downloading the podcasts when he was in high school. With his parents permission, of course.

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Credit Card Sized Chips that Test for HIV and Syphilis at Home

A new product called mChip is developed by researcher at Columbia University has 100% detection rate of HIV and syphilis. The chip can give result in 15 mins and cost only a dollars. The chips […]

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Antiretroviral Prevention Methods ‘Not in Competition’ with Each Other

Antiretroviral prevention methods are not in competition, and policy makers and providers need to start to thinking about how antiretrovirals, pre-exposure prophylaxis and microbicides will be provided as part of a combination prevention package – […]

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Special Edition FOF: Prevention Revolution or Magical Thinking?

One of the most exciting developments in the fight against HIV is a recent study that hasn’t received much media attention, even though this type of preventative treatment could dramatically reduce HIV infections. Some doctors don’t even know about it.

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FOF #1400 – Stick It in Me

For thousands of years, Chinese medicine has been sticking it in people to cure what ails them but it’s only been recently that acupuncture has started to catch on in the rest of the world.

Today we’re talking to our friend Michael Oliphant a comedy writer who took his life on a different course five years ago when he started to study acupuncture. He’s given up the late nights telling jokes in smoky bars for an office where he pokes willing patients to help them heal.

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