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HIV Prevention Revolution Forum at Center on Halsted

Is a daily pill the answer to HIV prevention for gay men? Could a pill revolutionize the way we prevent this disease or is just magical thinking? LifeLube, Association of Latin Men for Action, Chicago […]

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FOF #1370 – 30 Years of AIDS

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the first AIDS diagnosis in the U.S. It’s difficult to measure the devastating impact AIDS has had on humanity, not just the horrors of the disease itself but the inadequate response of governments and health care institutions to this incredible loss of life.

Today, we take a look at three decades of AIDS with David Ernesto Munar, the newly appointed President and CEO of the AIDS Foundation of Chicago.

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FOF #1364 – Circuit Mom Knows How to Throw a Party

If you were in Chicago in the 90s, you probably know Circuit Mom, the queen of the circuit party scene.

Guys who liked to go to circuit parties were sometimes called circuit boys and Matthew Harvart was their Momma! Today Matthew talks about the fabulous circuit party scene that once was and may still be again.

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FOF #1303 – Black Swan Diva

Gay men love movies with flawless costumes, intense dancing and crazy women who tear each other apart to get ahead in show business.

Soon to join your collection of campy movies is Black Swan- a psychological thriller set in the competitive world of professional ballet. Join us as we talk about the film and don’t worry, we won’t spoil it for you.

(Thank to Rei Sato for the amazing anime drawing!)

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Happy Holidays: New Study Says Anti-HIV Pill May Prevent HIV Infections

Just in time for the holidays, the folks at the New England Journal of Medicine released a study saying that taking Truvada on a daily basis, (an existing HIV medication) can significantly reduce HIV in […]

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“He’s the One” Campaign Is Bait and Switch

When I saw this ad on a bathroom wall in a gay bar in Chicago, I thought it was for a dating site and didn’t think much of it. It was just a weird composite […]

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FOF #701 – Gay Sexy Fun

Advances in gay rights have brought forth a glorious new world of opportunities and healthy relationships for people everywhere. But with advances in acceptance and in medicine come new risks and responsibilities. Many sexually transmitted […]

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