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FOF #1938 – How Teletubbies and Soloflex Made Us Even More Gay

A lot of the things we love on the Internet was mostly developed by people who came of age in the early 90s. It’s a big reason why the corporate logos for such titans as Google and EBay look like they were designed by three year olds.

Today we’re taking a look at awesome stuff that inspired us in our formative years to be fabulously gay, and how it influenced the internet to be the way it is today.

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FOF #1491 – An Unexpected Bromance

The guys from Rye Bread Radio are back to talk about bromance- that tabloid word for relationships between guys who seem so close to each other that it may lead them to ask themselves, am I gay for my best friend?

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Lez Get Real Blog Editor Really a Straight Man

In the quest to reveal the identity of the hoax blogger of Gay Girl in Damascus, it was also revealed that the editor for Lez Get Real, who was supposed to be a deaf lesbian […]

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